Pinga Ponga – Roller Coaster EP

Pinga Ponga - Roller Coaster
Pinga Ponga – Roller Coaster EP - Dharmar Records proudly presents the debut EP of Serbian goa trance project Pinga Ponga.
Behind this project is Aleksandar Ristić - Pinga, who is a trance music veteran, being on the scene since the 90s. He was a resident DJ of the famous Serbian electronic music organization Technokratia, back then known as DJ RA. Later he was a part of PsyGarden, an organization that made numerous parties in Serbia during the last decade and still is an important part of the Serbian trance scene. Pinga is still DJing, mostly playing old-school goa trance. After project Pingoa, Pinga Ponga is his second goa trance project as a music producer. His music definitely has the retro goa spirit, and it can be described as a melodic, atmospheric and dark goa trance, but nevertheless taking the drive on acid waves of pure psychedelia. released April 3, 2021

Label: DharmaR

Productions Artwork: Bojan Artifact

Mastering: Aleksandar Ristic

released April 3, 2021

dharmar productions