Beđa – Beđapocalypse LP

dharmar production

Beđa – Beđapocalypse LP - We present to you the debut album of a mysterious being from the 10th circle of hell who brings terror to your ears - Beđa 303. The entity known as Beđa is said to be part Illuminati, part extraterrestrial and part only God knows what and is rumoured to be from the distant planet of Cosmoslavia. In cults obscure, he is known by his other name Psionic Commando and when the stars align he is said to form one part of a glorious sonic phenomenon known as Slavs from Mars. He, or rather it, comes from a realm of higher beings that cannot be fully perceived in this one, so when one hears the heavy industrial sounds of his corporeal becoming, one only experiences a projection of a multidimensional intellect. Dark, experimental, acidic and psychedelic are epithets fitting of a description of this sound in human language, but they merely give an idea of an extraterrestrial phenomenon that is futile to understand but can be heard and felt in a state of trance.

Beđapocalypse FULL ALBUM

Label: DharmaR Productions

Artwork: Lord Tin Ringsmuth and ExB

Mastering: Josip Benko Djakovic and George Duke

released March 5, 2021